April 22

10 Things Happy Couples Do Differently from Unhappy Couples


Happy couples have happy, healthy and intimate relationships for a reason – they create them. They do different things more consistently than unhappy and unhealthy couples. It doesn’t come down to luck but a daily decision of how they show up and what actions they take. In this episode of ‘Let’s talk relationships,’ we are looking at 10 things happy couples do differently than unhappy couples.

Below is the checklist I spoke of in the video you can use to score yourself for the 10 things happy couples do differently.

Do one for yourself and let your spouse or partner do one for you too (and vice versa) and see if you come up with the same scores.

This is a great conversation starter over a cuppa next time you’re out on a date without the kids. It should make for some good fun, laughs and insight into how your significant other sees things.

Use what you learn as information to act on rather than feel ‘bad’ about. That’s not the point of this. It’s about growth and modelling what we learn from truly happy and healthy couples.


I hope you found this helpful.

Please send me your comments or questions in the comments section below (or on Facebook), as I love to read them.

Remember, live and love fully.

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