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January 8, 2023


What’s cheating in a relationship?

Want to fix your struggling and draining relationship?

Start by focusing on ONE thing and one thing alone - creating a climate of POSITIVE EFFECT!

A climate of positive effect refers to the relationship's overall emotional tone and atmosphere...

  • Partners typically feel mutual respect, appreciation, and support
  • They feel positive emotions such as love, affection, happiness, and more connection and closeness
  • They feel safe expressing themselves and can rely on one another. 
  • They also share mutual empathy and understanding

You can too!

How? By committing to becoming significantly better in three key areas:

  1. Communicating more effectively and avoiding mistunderstandings (80-90% of happy couples report feeling satisfied with their communication)
  2. Navigating your conflicts in a healthy and productive way (67% of happy couples report that they can handle conflicts and disagreements in a healthy way)
  3. Building deeper intimacy and connection with your partner (85% of happy couples report feeling emotionally close to their partner)

Now, Learn how to start doing that by downloading my free couples starter guide below!

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