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A Common Challenge Of Unhappy Couples

Many married couples who are stuck in unhappy marriages want to improve their relationships, but don’t know where to start to begin fixing things so that they can have a happier and better relationship again.

That’s a potentially huge problem, especially if you end up failing to figure things out as a couple, as it can cause your family to break apart, leading to feelings of shame, sadness, embarrassment, financial problems, splitting a life in half, worrying about what will happen with the kids, and so on.

Some couples end up losing so much when their marriages come apart.

But it doesn't have to end that way as YOU have the choice and ability to turn things around...

Imagine If...

Instead of feeling like strangers, you feel close again

The foundation of every successful love relationship starts with a strong emotional bond between two people. But this connection must be prioritised and nurtured daily.

Instead of living past each other, you are growing together

The longevity of a love relationship depends on constant and continuous growth. When something is no longer growing it is essentially dying. Growing together is a must.

Instead of feeling frustrated everyday, you are happy again

The atmosphere of a love relationship plays a major role in the overall state of things. When it feels good being in a relationship, everything else is easy. The opposite is also true.

How would your life be different if...

  • As a couple you felt aligned and on the same page in your marriage?
  • Your children had happier parents most of the time?
  • Your whole family got along in peace?
  • You were free from negative past issues in your marriage?
  • You could finally be the kind of spouse and parent you've always wanted to be?

If that's what you want, then let me help you!


What they say about Gideon

adam, australia


Gideon reminded me how to be a great husband. When I first met Gideon, I had been married for seven years and was starting to become complacent in my marriage. His services helped strengthen my relationship with my wife, to ensure we live a happy and fulfilling life together.

Yvonne, New Zealand


Thank You Gideon you are Inspiring, enlightening, encouraging, humorous, generous and kind and always willing to help me solve what’s on my mind.

Start Improving your Relationship with insightful and practical downloadable guides

My free guides below teach you important concepts, strategies, and tactics to succeed in marriage

Increase Your Romance

This guide discusses how to enrich your love relationship by increasing the romance between you. You'll learn how you can improve your communication, decrease negative disagreements, and increase intimacy in your relationship.

better your communication

Effective communication is essential for any married couple that wants to create a lasting and fulfilling love relationship. This guide discusses a four-step process to create more effective and loving dialogue as a couple.

resolve your conflict

This guide shares what accomplished marriage counsellors say about defusing the conflicts couples have in marriage, tips to keep a marriage fresh, what strategies don't work, and 8 ways to resolve conflict (and more).

do you want personal coaching?

Join the waiting list if you're ready to start working on your relationship with me online as your marriage coach.

is this you?

  • You are still very much committed to your spouse and family but it feels like as a couple you've fallen out of touch with each other.
  • You've had a solid marriage until the kids were born after which life just seems to have taken over and your marriage has been put on the backburner.
  • You want to have a good and intimate marriage but you just don't know how or where to get started to get things back on track again.
  • You know that you and your spouse can be great together, because you've been before, but lately you just kind of live past each other doing your own thing.
  • You are committed to do whatever it takes to renovate and refresh your marriage again, you simply need the tools, skills and support to do that.

If one or all of those resonate with you...personal coaching is a good and right next step for you.

Work with me!

One-on-one will take you from where you are now to creating a happier marriage and life.


What they say about Gideon

Angela, new zealand

Independent Consultant

Gideon genuinely wants to see you achieve. He’s seriously inspirational and understands the importance of work life balance. Gideon gives good  business or practical advice and is always available to help.

Lloyd, New Zealand


Gideon has taught me some vital principles that make all the difference. All’s well that begins well. The law of preparation. Small things make the difference. Action without thought = failure. Action with thought = Success. Thanks Gidz!

Vince, new zealand

commercial realtor

I first met Gideon Hanekom at an organised office meeting as a guest speaker. Bottom line, Gideon gets to core issues swiftly and with absolute honesty, the same honesty, along with life-changing strategies leverages one forward to the next challenge and beyond. I would recommend Gideon to anyone who truly wants to make a positive change in their business world or personal life.

nicolette, New Zealand


Gideon guided me through a very unsettled time of my life and inspired me to make positive changes. I highly recommend Gideon!

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