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Gideon Hanekom coaches couples
how to connect better so they can
be happier and more fulfilled.

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95% of the couples who contact me struggle with one frustrating problem…

But what if I told you that communication is often NOT the biggest problem? It's merely a consequence of a much more serious underlying, pervasive problem. What, you ask? Well, more often than not, it is a problem of 1) COMMITMENT, 2) CLARITY, 3) CONCEPT OF LOVE, 4) CLIMATE, and 5) CONNECTION. And unless you improve these, your relationship WILL break. Which is why I created an eBook called the "7 Core Principles of Love." These are foundational rules or truths for creating a healthy love climate. And it's a good place to start. So, fill in your details and download my free eBook and infographic.

In it you'll learn about:
  • A core foundational principle
  • A principle to adhere to even when things get hard
  • A principle you must be open to facing
  • A trait Emotionally Intelligent couples share
  • A Principle which is fuel for excitement
  • A key principle to passion and joy
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