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Gideon Hanekom coaches couples
how to connect better so they can
be happier and more fulfilled.

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I work with couples all the time and the amount of frustration, unhappiness and pain that unhealthy relationships cause, are very real and very possible for everyone. No one is exempt from heartache when things go wrong for a couple. Understanding this truth right from the start will save you the surprise when it happens BUT it will also prepare you much better for making your relationship work. Listen … I have a very simple approach to creating a happy, healthy, and intimate love relationship … STICK TO THE RULES THAT WORK AND YOU’LL BE HAPPY!

These rules include:
  • RULE 1: Get this wrong and everything suffers
  • RULE 2: Ignore this at your own risk
  • rule 5: this is your responsibility
  • rule 6: this is a fact
  • Rule 8: Be smart here
  • ... and more!

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