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Gideon Hanekom coaches couples to
connect better so they can
be happier and more fulfilled.

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more than 90% of my clients struggle with this one frustrating issue …

But what if I told you that communication is NOT your biggest problem? It's the consequence of a much bigger underlying problem. What is that problem? That problem is what we call a lack of connection or an unravelling, dying bond between you and your partner. And if you really want to improve your relationship then reconnecting with your partner is where you want to start! How?
Start by downloading my book 'Happy Again' (sold for $15.60) for FREE - or you can buy it if you want. Just get it!
In it you'll learn about:
  • What Are Emotions in Essence?
  • Why Do Emotions Matter?
  • Gaining Control Over Your Emotional Responses
  • 9 Things to Give Up if You Want to be Happy
  • 8 Secrets for a Happy Relationship
  • 11 major Habits of Toxic Relationships
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