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Gideon Hanekom coaches couples to
communicate better so they can
be happier and more fulfilled.

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more than 90% of my clients struggle with this one frustrating issue …

Psychologists believe communication can be broken into the following categories: 55% is body language, 38% tonality, and only 7% are the words you use. This means that what you often THINK you're saying is not actually what is RECEIVED by your partner. So, if you want learn how to start improving communication in your relationship so you can be less stressed and much happier, then get access to my guide "The Art of Loving Communication" for FREE here (usually sold for $9.99).
You will discover about ...
  • Listening: ways to listen with love
  • Talking: tips for keeping love alive
  • Body Language: show love with body language
  • Daily Habits: habits to show more love

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