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In this post, we look at 5 easy ways for how to make life more exciting.

The science of motivation shows that a lack of motivation is oftentimes the result of being distracted.

This often means a short-lived focus on many different things without a real sense of enthusiasm or excitement coming from them.

When we jump from one thing to the other, we don’t stay with one thing long enough for them to motivate or excite us.

The end result is typically boredom, sometimes clothed as “busyness,” but more often than not just being mind-numbing activities.

So if you find yourself spending too much time with the television, binge-watching Netflix, or taking too many daytime naps, it could be that you’re simply bored with the life you’re living.

Maybe you have a home that suits you and a job you like, yet you feel like something’s missing.

If that’s the case, perhaps, little by little, you’ve simply settled into a hum-drum existence without realising it.

The question is, however, wouldn’t you love to wake up, shake things up, and feel some passion again? Wouldn’t you want more excitement in your life again?

Most people do but they follow certain “rules” in their lives that create exactly the opposite.

It’s important to understand that as there are “laws of nature,” like gravity, there are also “laws of life.”

When you follow these laws or rules you almost always end up with the same result.

Following certain rules will always result in “sadness.”

Following other rules will always result in “happiness.”

how to make life more exciting

The same goes for “excitement.”

If you want to experience more excitement, you have to follow certain “rules.”

If you don’t like the words “rules or laws,” you can also think of them as “principles.”

Not “principles” in the general sense, but rather as “principles that always lead to a certain result or outcome.”

So, if you want to know how to make life more exciting, there are certain principles you need to consider.

I will share with you 5 easy ways here today that you can go and try on for size.

5 Easy Ways for How to Make Life More Exciting

Do at least one activity you enjoy each day.

We’ve all heard the saying about all work and no play.

Life can get pretty boring pretty quickly if all you do is work and come home, only to flop down in front of the TV.

What are some activities that bring you joy?

Indulge in doing something that makes you smile, brings out your creativity, or satisfies your yen for a familiar hobby.

If you love getting outdoors, schedule some time to get outside.

If you enjoy working out or exercising, take some time to do that every day.

how to make life more exciting

By doing something you enjoy at least once per day (every day), you keep boredom at bay and excitement a life. It also makes doing the other “less enjoyable” things easier.

Vow to read at least 10 pages every day.

There’s great knowledge, wisdom, adventure, and joy in reading.

Whether you enjoy finding out more about topics you love or getting lost in a great adventure, there’s a book for everyone.

Now, in saying this, I appreciate that not everyone enjoys “reading.”

I think part of the reason is because of our school experiences.

At face value, what could be more exciting than realising anything I want to learn or improve can be found in books?

Unfortunately, because “reading” was forced down our throats when we were kids, many kids develop an aversion to reading.

Which is a shame, but still a reality.

Fortunately, technology makes it very easy to find ways around this.

If you love the idea of learning new stuff (especially the things that interest you), but you hate reading as such, simply listen to audiobooks.

It’s still the same information, and you’re still learning new stuff, just without the act of using your eyes but your ears instead.

how to make life more exciting

The point is, however, allowing yourself to learn new things every day by “reading,” you’re actively engaging in the process of personal growth which always results in excitement while combating boredom (which is “decay” essentially).

Allow yourself to daydream.

Maybe you want to travel to France or you’d really like to write a book.

You don’t have to wait until you can experience that.

You have been given a great mind with an incredible capacity to imagine things.

So, simply close your eyes and let your mind go wild.

Where would you travel first?

What do you want to see?

What type of book would you write?

What would the topic be?

If it’s a novel, who would the characters be?

Indulge yourself in your dreams.

They might spark ideas that you can start making concrete plans for.

Remember that the more we hold something in the front of our minds, the more likely we are to move towards those very things.

how to make life more exciting

Just be warned that this works both ways – positively and negatively.

When we daydream or imagine “negative things” all the time, chances are our life will be filled with plenty of negative experiences.

You are in a real sense a creator of your own reality.

But this also gives you a tremendous amount of power, for a lack of a better word.

Your mind has the ability to create – mentally at first, but in the physical eventually.

Your daydreams can literally infuse your life with enthusiasm and excitement.

All you need to do is start using your imagination and allow yourself to daydream about some good stuff.

Go ahead, give it a try.

Be honest with yourself about your strong points.

When you do, you’ll be compelled to move forward to create a life you truly enjoy.

Provide yourself with opportunities to engage in things you do well or even excel at.

When you show a talent for something, it’s usually something you enjoy as well.

Spending more time in these activities will enhance your confidence and help to banish boredom for good.

Remember the old saying that “nothing motivates like results.”

By creating small results each day, you’re more likely to be motivated and feel a sense of excitement.

Unfortunately, many people spent far too much time experiencing “failure” which does not go a long way in filling your life with a sense of excitement.

how to make life more exciting

So ask yourself, what activities could you engage in and use your strengths to create results that will most likely excite you?

Return to doing something you loved doing in the past.

For example, if you used to swim a lot, and really enjoyed it, yet haven’t been in a pool or the ocean for quite some time, you might want to get into water again.

Something that brought you happiness once before can vastly enrich your life again.

Ironically, this is something we tend to overlook.

As we grow older it seems, we tend to move away from the things we used to enjoy doing, but by the same token wonder why our lives lack a sense of excitement.

We spend most of our time doing the things we have to do, which oftentimes mean things we don’t really enjoy doing, while at the same time also refrain from doing things we used to enjoy.

It doesn’t make sense, yet that’s what we do.

If you can’t remember what you used to love doing, and your parents are still around, just call up your mum or dad and ask them.

Or, maybe a childhood friend.

People change over time, yes, but things that used to give us joy tend to remain the same for the most part.

For example, even though I live in a completely different country now than the one I grew up in, lighting a fire (like in a barbecue or campfire, not arson) still gives me hours of enjoyment and relaxation.

I could literally sit by the fire all by myself staring at the flames for hours on end.

Some of my Kiwi mates, don’t get that.

All they see is “smelling like smoke” and bugs bothering you.

The point is, by doing something enjoyable you did in the past, you’ll reconnect with an old friendly part of yourself.

Chances are you will even challenge yourself and relish in all the things you loved about the activity all over again.

Re-discovering your passion for something you loved before can spark new excitement now.

And that’s a good thing.

It’s about using the good of the past to make the present even better.

My challenge to you today is to take responsibility now to jazz up your life.

Don’t wait for something or someone else to bring excitement into your life.

If you do that, your sense of excitement is dependent on something outside of yourself.

But, more importantly, it perpetuates the belief that things like joy, enthusiasm, and excitement are elusive and not readily available now.

And that’s simply not true.

Don’t allow life to become all about work.

You’ll build a fulfilling, enriching life when you turn your focus to your off-work hours.

Use them to create excitement not just pass the time on the couch or in bed.

how to make life more exciting

Immerse yourself in activities you’ve pined for, dreamed about, or loved in the past.

The exciting life you deserve is within your grasp if you start introducing some new “principles” into your life.

Leave your comments and questions below.

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