Why Trust In A Relationship Is Important

by The Relationship Guy
August 20, 2021

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Before learning the steps to building trust in your relationship, it’s important to have a good understanding of why trust in a relationship is important to an ongoing, long-term, committed, most importantly, healthy relationship.

Firstly, and this is probably the most significant reason, you can only truly love a person you trust.

Because real love is built on trust.

Without trust in a relationship, forget it.

We know that if our relationships are not built on trust, then we’ll never survive the tests that are certain to come our way.

trust in a relationship

Now, although trust in a relationship is important for the longevity of any love relationship, it can (and does) fluctuate in many relationships as couples go through various difficult bumps in life.

It just happens.

But, as you continue to walk the journey together as a couple, you’ll also find that in many cases difficulties end up strengthening the foundation of your trust and your relationship.

Trust is also important in your relationship because as humans, we are emotional creatures and we put a lot of emphasis on the feelings we experience in our love lives.

I’ve said this many times before but I’ll say it again,

What you feel can cause you to think and behave completely irrationally and out of character, even despite good intentions.

“What you feel IN your marriage determines how you feel and think ABOUT your marriage and spouse!”

But that is the power of emotions.

And when we feel good about our relationship, then over time we will value that relationship more and invest a lot of time, energy and trust into it.

Trust in a relationship is important, therefore, before feeling you can trust someone ultimately feels GOOD!

But that also means that we use “trust” to measure the relationship we’re in.

Low trust = bad relationship!

Without trust, the whole thing feels off.

That’s why when we have suffered a broken heart, it is trust that will allow us to love again.

But until we can trust again, we’ll struggle to open up to someone again.

For we use how much trust we have in someone to judge how much of ourselves we’ll give to that person.

Thus, how much I trust you will determine how vulnerable I’ll allow myself to become around you.

And without vulnerability, my capacity to give and receive love fully is compromised.

That is why trust in a relationship is important.

Because without my ability to be open and vulnerable around you, whatever love relationship we have will disintegrate or implode over time.

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