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What makes a healthy marriage? Explore these tips to spice up your marriage and rekindle love and happiness. Discover the keys to a happy marriage that you could incorporate into your union for a lasting mutual connection. 

What Is a “Healthy” Marriage?

healthy marriage

The characteristics of a healthy marriage sound like they should be obvious, but the line between a healthy relationship and one bound to fail is thin.

A healthy marriage relationship should be founded on a mutual connection that leads to happiness and fun moments.

Although everyone holds a different definition of what a healthy marriage looks like, there are universal characteristics that decide if a marriage will stand or collapse. 

Here are healthy marriage tips you should consider to strengthen your relationship and celebrate the joy of happy living. 

happily married couple

1. Open Communication

To achieve a healthy marriage, you need open communication, because what’s the point of staying together if you cannot share with each other?

A married couple should communicate their feelings as this helps them to deal with conflicts at the first sign. 

By talking, you learn about each other, and the more you learn, the easier it becomes to overcome obstacles.

With excellent communication, you can discuss any topic, from silly things to personal memories and disturbing details that each one of you needs to let off and feel relieved. 

2. Patience and Forgiveness 

Picture that you’ve had a small argument because you made a mistake and your partner seems to dwell on the issue for so long.

Do you think you would achieve a healthy marriage in the long term with such an attitude? 

The truth is that humans are fallible, and you’ll always find some fault in your partner or yourself.

The value of patience and forgiveness is a critical component of a healthy marriage relationship that both of you need to develop. 

Successful couples learn to show forgiveness to their partner, and they both humbly embrace their faults and don’t demand perfection from their lovers.

They also don’t seek revenge or dig up past errors, as this often comes off as an attempt to hold your partner hostage. 

3. Couples in a Healthy Marriage Spend Time Together 

One of the signs of a healthy marriage is being in connection with your partner physically at every opportunity you get.

Relationships often don’t work if there’s no time of investment.

Any successful marriage requires deliberate, quality time with your partner. 

Unplugging from social media apps or digital platforms to enjoy a genuine connection with your partner enhances bonding and ultimately solidifies your marital health.

That date night once in a while does more good to the marriage than you could imagine. 

4. Intimacy and Sexual Compatibility 

2couple hugging in the street P77T46S healthy marriage

One of the most powerful qualities of a healthy marriage is sexual compatibility and intimacy.

Too many marriages have failed because they lacked just this one component.

Emotional, psychological, and physical intimacy is an essential ingredient for a happy marriage relationship. 

Expressing your feelings and stimulating your partner through touch and deep conversation is essential for healthy sex life.

Actually, sex should not be the primary concern because, without an emotional connection, you’ll rarely achieve the satisfaction both of you desire. 

Sexual chemistry can be cultivated by understanding each other.

Understand that no two people are alike, so each of you’ll have a unique set of kinks, needs, expectations, and desires.

Speak them out and work on achieving a balance that satisfies both of you.

You could even consider further exploration with things like sex toys if both of you agree this could spice up your bedroom fun for healthy marriage emotions. 

Can Sex Toys Contribute to a Healthy Marriage Relationship? 

Nearly 75% of women cannot climax through penetration.

This means extra stimulation could work magic.

A sex toy such as the best realistic dildo can rescue intimacy in the bedroom.

Couples who use sex toys report achieving more sexual satisfaction.

A small addition to your bedroom like this could save your marriage from the misery of boring sex.

Don’t be afraid to explore new ideas if you want to build a healthy marriage. 

5. Mutual Respect 

couple is using a laptop JF75C2S healthy marriage

Lack of respect is a killer of joy, not just in marriage.

Respect is one of the key components of a healthy marriage that both of you must uphold.

How you treat each other carries a lot of significance in whether the marriage will last or end in pain.

Respect includes valuing the feelings of your partner, their needs, and opinions.

Kindness and supporting one another while also honouring boundaries will foster a healthy marriage relationship. 

6. Mutual Trust for a Healthy Marriage

Breaking trust will change your partner’s behaviour towards you and could quickly kill your relationship.

Trust is a slippery slope as this is a healthy marriage initiative that’s difficult to gain, but once lost, you cannot win it back. 

For a healthy marriage relationship, you should both keep your secrets and always be honest with each other.

Support your partner and don’t act with betrayal towards them regardless of the circumstances.

Trusting someone indicates they’re reliable and you can count on them.

So, ensure your partner never sees you as someone they cannot count on. 

7. Allow Space for Individuality 

While ensuring a deep connection with your partner is one of the signs of a healthy marriage, you also need to maintain individuality.

Beyond the marriage relationship, you’re both individuals with families, friends, and other associations. 

You don’t want your partner to intrude on your relationship with your family or friends just because you’re married.

One of the habits of a healthy marriage is being tolerant and respecting boundaries.

Both of you should continue nurturing other relationships.

This will not only ensure a healthy marriage, but it also gives each of you a fulfilling and diverse social life. 

8. Shared Values 

Having shared values is one of the healthy marriage goals that many couples seek to achieve.

Couples that share common goals report more success in their marriage because their commitment and collaboration makes problems easier to overcome.

Values serve as points to cling on to when you sail through stormy times in your marriage. 

9. Gratitude 

Do you appreciate the little things your partner does for you?

Or do you complain and point out what they could have done instead?

Rewarding every good deed with a show of gratitude will make your partner feel appreciated and wanted.

This mutual responsibility will help build a healthy marriage.

It makes each of you feel glad being together, which strengthens your bond even further. 


Are there other qualities you can think of that couples should embrace for a healthy marriage relationship?

How long have you been together, and what challenges were you able to overcome?

We’d love to hear your views below.

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