Self-Care For Mums Shouldn’t Be Optional and Here Is Why

by Betti Wilson
April 29, 2020

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It is every mother’s intuition to put everyone else’s needs first. Her kids and spouse come first every time, so when does she take care of herself? When does she set time apart for some self-care? Well, most of them rarely do so, which is quite sad, but it’s never too late to start self-care. Let today be that day, mums!

Have the kids eaten?

Is the house clean enough?

When will I do the dishes or the laundry?

Well, these are not just any questions, but they are on repeat in any mother’s mind.

They are always taking care of others and forgetting themselves.

Sadly mom self-care comes as a by-the-way, and that needs to change.


A lot has to be done, and there is little time!

We all indeed have the same 24 hours, and so we need to make the best of it.

And as a mother, you do need to take care of yourself first, and below are the reasons why.

When you practice self-care, your kids emulate you

A mother is a lifelong teacher to her children.

Betti Wilson

Whatever she does, they will do too.

Know of the saying monkey see, monkey do?

It is indeed, very much applicable.

Still not convinced?

Take a look at how you dress or speak, don’t you sound or somewhat resemble how your mum did?

Well, it may not be a complete replica, but there are some notable resemblances in how you do things as your mum did.

So much so, when a mum has a self-care plan, her kids will do the same.

They will learn to value themselves even after they grow up.

Your daughters will appreciate the importance of self-care, and your sons will do the same.

Without you knowing, you will have taught generations how to take care of themselves.

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Healthy mum, healthy family 

When you partake in self-care activities like working out, eating right, drinking water, and what have you, your family will take up the same.

But if you are skipping meals, opting to go for unhealthy snacks, and having an unhealthy sleeping pattern, in a matter of years, your people will do the same.  

Remember, as a mum; you are a guiding light to your family, including your husband.

Betti Wilson

Yes, you read right, your husband.

He, too, will do as you do.

That means that you should develop a functional self-care routine of having the proper meals at the right time, pampering yourself, and even getting a good workout.

If you do so, your family will follow suit.

See, healthy mum, healthy family.

You will create a safe space for your family

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Overworking mums who are always on the run to get things done and not practising self-care end up miserable and burnt out.

And we all know how an unhappy person behaves.

Even a small issue like searching for where she placed the baby bibs could turn ugly.

Their mood is always sour, always complaining, and lastly, always on the defensive.

This kind of attitude around your kids and spouse is not healthy at all.

You will instil a cloud of fear, which will, in turn, push your kids and hubby away from you.

That means that they will not be able to talk to you about anything happening in their lives.

So if you want to have a happy, safe home where people are communicating healthily, please take care of yourself first.

Betti Wilson

You are an individual, maintain that

Even before you got hitched and got you some babies, you had your own aspirations and dreams, keep them.

Well, you might have to leave a few out as they might not fit into your new life.

And that is okay.

But the few that can still be done do them. 

How to take care of yourself is very easy.

Just make sure that you are happy and content.

Keeping your self-identity is part and parcel of that.

In that same vein, take some time to work out, go out with the Mr, or meet up with the girls for a spa date.

Life is too short not to enjoy it.

Also stick to your hobbies, like getting creative with painting, singing and what have you.

You never know, your child might pick it up too.

You will live a fulfilling happier life

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When you gather all the self-care items that make you feel good, your life will have no empty voids seeking to be filled.

You will have the body you have always wanted, your kids and spouse will be catered to, so no room for stress. 

Even during certain tough times, you will be in a clear mental state able to deal with them.

Handling it with poise, calmness, and rationality, just like it is meant to be.

Once you take self-care with the utmost importance, your life will never be the same – pure bliss.

Betti Wilson

You will be a ray of sunshine to everyone else

Have you ever looked at a woman who takes care of herself?

And when you do, don’t you want to be like her?

She has a family of her own and quite a busy schedule but still manages to do it all.

Do you see where this is going?

She exudes that because she practices self-care. 

And guess what, you too can become her.

So head on to her and ask her for a few self-care tips and note them done.

Life is all about sharing the good to better each other’s lives.

If you do so and follow the steps to the latter, you too will become a ray of sunshine to someone else.

Don’t be stingy, pass on the mantle.

Mums should practice self-care 

When a mum takes self-care seriously, she lives a very blissful life Рno stress, no frustrations, no burnout.

So as a mum, please make a conscious decision to practice self-care, and you will see some significant changes in your family life.

And if it changed your perspective, share it with a mother in need.

Now let’s take this somewhere awesome.

Leave your comments or suggestion below.


About the author 

Betti Wilson

Betti Wilson is a mum of three who is continuously on the run to take care of both herself and her family. Her reasons to take care of herself are as she has described above. It's not rocket science, self-care indeed bears juicy, healthy fruits.

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