The Family Lockdown Guide: How to Survive Quarantine and Maintain Peace At Home

by Lillian O'Brien
April 27, 2020

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Lockdown doesn’t sound attractive and it can be hard to survive quarantine with family and maintain peace at home. Those people who got used to having their routine and being free to do what they want may struggle a lot during quarantine lockdown. At times, it gets crazy in everyone’s home: parents are annoyed with their children, partners are angry with each other, so everyone can just go a little bit mental.

How do you survive self-isolation during quarantine and maintain peace at home?

When waking up at 6 am, having breakfast and rushing to work, it feels like time flies.

However, when trying to stay at home for your own and other benefits, time can go very slowly.

As coronavirus is still spreading and self-isolation is something that everyone should do, it can be difficult to remain calm, patient, maintain your mental health, and maintain peace at home.

For many, a lockdown is almost torture: they can’t live without going to the gym, sunbathing, socializing, doing shopping and other things that have become their routine over the years.

We all have to survive coronavirus and…each other.

It sounds weird but it’s a challenge that families can go through smoothly if they become a bit creative.

In this article, you going to learn how your family can survive quarantine and maintain peace at home.

8 Tips on Surviving the Family Lockdown and Maintaining Peace at Home

So, here I have 8 tips for your family to make the most of quarantine:

Clean your space

While being trapped in your routine: work-gym-taking your kids to different classes-shopping-visiting parents and so on, you rarely have time to clean your space.

However, this can be very good practice for cleaning your thoughts.

When organizing your space and getting rid of old and unnecessary stuff, you clean your mind too.

Get rid of old clothes, boxes and empty bottles.

They just clog up your space.

A chaotic home leads to a chaotic mind.

Since you will have to work from home for the next few weeks, creating a nice space is a good idea, especially if you want to maintain peace at home.

Create space for working and doing pilates, yoga or stretches.

Having your little corners will help you to feel like you are not stuck in one place.

Spend more time on your hobbies

Do you like reading, playing a musical instrument or knitting?

You certainly complain that you never have time to do things that you like the most.

Quarantine is a perfect opportunity.

It’s a perfect time to shine.

How you have a lot of free time to improve your skills or even discover a new hobby.

There are plenty of courses and Youtube channels that will assist you in acquiring new skills and knowledge.

One of the most common things that adults complain about is having no free time to read books.

So, if your shelves are filled with books that you bought ages ago but haven’t opened since, then lockdown is a perfect time for reading.

You can also find lists of must-read books online and download them to your ebook.

Create a new routine

Many think that during lockdown they can do whatever they want: go to bed at 2 am, wake up after 12 pm, forget about washing clothes, cleaning the house, stop doing sports and eat whatever they want.

You can do it for one maximum of 2 days but if you continue doing such for a few weeks, you are likely to get depressed and maintaining peace at home will become increasingly difficult.

You have to come up with a new lockdown routine and discuss it with your family members.

Everyone should stick to it: adults and kids.

To support your mental health during quarantine and maintain peace at home, you should do sports, eat healthy and less than usual since you are not moving much, therefore, don’t need much energy.

You should also care about your appearance even during a lockdown.

So, start your day with stretches, a shower and a light breakfast.

Spend a few hours working, then dedicate a few hours to playing and learning new things with your kids.

Discuss with your partner who will play with kids and who will help them with e-learning assignments.

You should take turns and help each other.

Leave enough hours for your hobby and romantic time with your partner.

Consider a lockdown as a holiday with benefits.

Have a spa day

Who said that you can’t have a spa at home?

You rarely have free time to fill your bath with hot water, add oils and sea salt, light candles and finally relax.

During quarantine, you can have such days quite often.

A bath is a great cure for stress, depression, bad mood, and illnesses.

If you and your partner will create spa days for yourself, you will definitely be softer on each other and your children.

Women will be especially thankful to quarantine for having free time to try all those masks, scrubs, and creams that were stored for months.

Bath is also great for kids: they can have a lot of fun playing with their toys and imagining that they are visiting a swimming pool.

Give each other space

If you want to maintain peace at home during a lockdown, it’s vital to have your own time.

So, to maintain peace at home, you should create little zones where each of your family members can relax, spend time in peace and not be disturbed for at least an hour.

Such a place doesn’t need much space.

You can make it cosy so it looks like a little sanctuary.

People need time away from each other and while you all stuck under one roof, having a quiet place and agreeing with others to not disturb each other is an amazing idea for maintaining peace at home.

Stay in touch with your family and friends

Luckily with the help of modern technologies, you can almost create a party without leaving your home by watching people through a webcam.

Last weekend, me and my girlfriends decided to have a virtual girls’ night out through Zoom.

It’s a great communication software that allows having a video conference with many people at the same time.

We all dressed up nicely, put makeup on and got our favourite meals delivered.

We had so much fun chatting with each other.

Socialising is very important as part of your strategy to maintain peace at home while in quarantine.

In order to not release your anger on your partner and children, you should socialise with your friends.

Chatting via video is a fantastic opportunity that comes in handy during a lockdown.

Sharing thoughts and ideas with your friends can be beneficial since friends are less judgmental than family members.

There are also things that you can share and discuss with your friends but can’t tell your partner.

You and your friends may have similar interests, therefore, discussing a favourite film or book, sharing achievements in yoga that you are practising at home or planning shopping together can lift your mood and make you forget about the home routine for some time.

Reconnect with family rituals

How often do you cook meals with your kids helping you or watch cartoons together?

These are great things that make family members feel closer and maintain peace at home.

Unfortunately, you can’t go to parks, travel abroad or go to your favourite family restaurant but you can come up with some ideas for home.

Trying a new recipe, watching a film, or playing a table game all together will make you appreciate your family and be thankful.

Such rituals will help to avoid arguments that have a high chance to arise during a lockdown.

Treat yourself to romantic moments

Couples always complain about not having enough time to spend with each other.

Too much work, obligations, and plans don’t leave people to enjoy simple yet romantic moments together.

Quarantine is a perfect occasion to dedicate free time to each other, share nice memories and remember how it was when you used to date.

During the lockdown, you have a chance to work on your marriage, maintain peace at home, and keep it romantic (even with kids).

You can set up a date night after your kids go to bed.

Have a glass of wine, watch a romantic movie, give each other a massage…and do other things that lovers do.

Luckily, during quarantine, you can stay in bed for longer, so a date night can last longer than usual.

There is always a way to surprise each other and keep a relationship spicy.

You just have to be creative.


Quarantine has many more benefits if you tend to look at things from the bright side.

There are plenty of great things that you can do while self-isolating.

While others divorce and can’t wait to escape from home, you can improve your mental and physical health, study, do things that you enjoy, appreciate the time spent together with your loved ones, and maintain peace at home.

Hopefully, these tips made you look at quarantine differently and now you can’t wait to try at least a few of these recommendations.

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