Date Night During the Quarantine: 5 Romantic Ideas to Keep the Spark Alive

May 15, 2021 |Ben Hartwig

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The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the world hard over the last year. Couples have particularly felt its impact on their relationships and lives massively. It’s been super tough for many people around the globe. However, as couples, we need to find ways to overcome and keep going despite setbacks. So, in this post, guest author, Ben Hartwig, shares 5 romantic ideas you can use for your date night to keep the spark alive while dealing with quarantine.

There’s no denying that the COVID-19 crisis has brought significant stress to all of us.

Unemployment, financial challenges, anxiety, feelings of uncertainty, plus day-to-day stresses – all of these can take a toll on your marriage.

No one is so sure about when the pandemic is going to end.

So instead of letting it wreak-havoc your marriage, you just have to learn how to make the best out of the situation.

Date Night During the Quarantine date night

Check out these five romantic ideas to keep the spark in your marriage alive even during a lockdown:

Cook a Meal Together

Just because you can’t go to a fancy restaurant doesn’t mean you can’t have a romantic dinner together.

All you need is a pan (or two) and a good recipe if you don’t have great cooking skills.

The nutritional benefits of cooking at home are well-documented.

But there are not enough write-ups about how it benefits our personal relationships.

Cooking together is an amazing activity for couples because it gives so much opportunity for conversations and interaction.

Whether it’s just a simple pasta dish or a five-course meal you’re cooking, the whole experience can be fun and memorable!

Spending time in the kitchen gives you a chance to pause and enjoy the simple things.

It might be one of the rare moments when both of you are away from your phones or computers.

It’s a great chance to engage in meaningful conversations.

Cooking together is a great way to explore and experience new things.

Whether it’s tasting a new wine or experimenting with international flavors, this activity can transport you to a different part of the world even for just a day.

Who says you need to hop on the plane?

Plus, you can involve the kids too!

Cooking is fun for children.

It’s a great family bonding activity if you don’t mind the mess.

young family cooking UHG6ZGB date night

Come up with a theme.

Maybe you’re all a fan of Italian cuisine. Or perhaps you’ve been wanting to try some authentic Japanese Ramen or craving some yummy dessert.

No one doesn’t have to be a chef or a good cook. Just look for a recipe online and you can get started!

The web has a ton of romantic dinner ideas you can whip up for a date night.

Of course, a romantic dinner is incomplete without some table setting.

If it’s a dinner-for-two, use a smaller table for an intimate feel.

Your everyday coffee table is an excellent choice.

Drape it with a pretty runner or an inexpensive sheer curtain panel – whatever you have at home!

Make your DIY table centrepiece using flowers or candles.

And learn a trick or two to make easy yet pretty linen napkins.

And you’re all set!

Have a Game Date Night

Bored with your daily Netflix marathon?

Then it’s time for a game night!

Pop open a bottle of wine (or beer) and set out a cheese board (or grab some chips).

side view photo of friends sitting at wooden table EDTG87N date night

Here are some  fantastic at-home date night ideas you should try:

Card Games

With card games, there are no dull moments.

Play “Slapjack” if you want a slap-happy game to get out that aggression, “Snap” if you love fast-paced games, “Cheat” if you and your spouse do well doing a poker face, or “Memory” for an easy, no brainer game.

Video Games

When was the last time you played a console together?

With more time at home, now’s the best time to hook that PS4 to your TV.

Board Games (with a Twist)

So you don’t end up falling asleep, add a twist to your favorite board games.

For example, if playing scrabble, the first person to complete a word will ask the other for truth or dare.

Grab the opportunity to make “daring” dares.

Just make sure your kids are not around.

Take a Bath Together

Some of the most romantic moments happen at home.

A refreshing (yet sizzling) bath with your honey can help you grow closer.

But don’t just jump straight into the tub!

couple in the tub BMUZ5H2 date night

Check out these romantic bath ideas for an unforgettable night:

Give Your Bathroom a Facelift

No one will get in the mood in a filthy bathroom!

So make sure to give it a deep clean beforehand.

A few romantic decorations like candles and florals will also do wonders on your date night.

Don’t forget the music.

The right playlist will surely get you and your partner in the mood.

Use a Luxury Bubble Bath

Yes, like those they use in five-star hotels.

You also want some snacks like chocolate-covered strawberries, fresh slices of fruit, a charcuterie board, and of course – a bottle of your favourite wine.

Make It Scent-ual!

Since ancient times, aromatherapy has been used by couples to boost their sexual power.

Aphrodisiac scents like jasmine, ylang-ylang, lemon, and peppermint can soothe the body, boost self-confidence, improve circulation, and bring your senses together for the best night ever!

Diamonds for Your Spouse

Is it your wedding anniversary but you can’t go out?

No problem.

With a special gift, your spouse will certainly feel your love.

When it comes to anniversary gifts (or any other occasion), diamond jewellery is one of the most popular.

Whether it’s a ring, a necklace, or a pair of elegant earrings, your spouse will surely love it.

luxury heart necklace with stylish diamonds on red 4TRGQPQ date night

But of course, diamonds are not cheap.

They could be one of your biggest purchases.

Make sure to educate yourself on diamonds, particularly the qualities you should look for.

As much as possible, only buy diamonds that have been certified by GIA, AGS, IGI, or HRD.

Keep everything a surprise until the moment you hand your gift to your spouse.

Seal it with a kiss, a tight hug, and a whisper saying how much she means to you.

Travel Together (Virtually!) on Your Date Night

If there’s one thing most people miss during this pandemic – it’s travelling.

couple shopping online using tablet WSM4QCE date night

With the world on hold due to the COVID-19 crisis, it might take longer before we get back on the road.

But that doesn’t mean you should also put your wanderlust on hold!

Many destinations and museums now offer virtual tours.

If both of you are missing travel badly, it’s a great alternative.

Or, while having a romantic dinner, talk about your travel plans.

This might be the perfect time to plan your next trip.

Start browsing for your next destination.

Just the idea of going on a trip can be so exciting.

Thinking of camping?

How about camping in your yard?

Set up your tent as you would outdoors, light up the camping fire, and skew some marshmallows and hotdogs.

It’s nice to breathe some fresh air once in a while, even if it’s just outside your home.

loving senior couple camping near a lake PWY5PRA date night

Keep the Fire Burning!

While we continue to pray and hope that the pandemic ends soon, we should always strive to make every situation better.

Just because it’s quarantine doesn’t mean you can’t have a memorable date night with your spouse.

It only takes some creativity to pull off an amazing night together that can deepen your relationship.

Don’t be afraid to try something new.

Make your nights more exciting by doing something fun together, whether it’s cooking dinner, having a bath together, camping, or playing card games.

About the author

Ben Hartwig

Ben is a Web Operations Executive at InfoTracer who takes a wide view from the whole system. He authors guides by sharing the best practices and does it the right way!

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