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An office is a place where we spend the most crucial hours of our day. And our workplace can be even more exciting than home if we have interesting coworkers throughout the day. Colleagues can even become lifelong friends if a relationship beyond work is established. But a workplace can also be the place where office romance blossoms. This post looks at 7 signs a male colleague might like you more than just a coworker.

But things take a totally different turn if you discover one of your coworkers is taking more or a special interest in you.

There might come a situation, you would want to read the signs to find out whether your opposite-sex co-worker is seeing you only as a good friend or is he or she really into you.

With these secrets yet some genuine signs, you might be able to ensure if your colleague has a special interest in you and whether there’s a chance for office romance.

He always finds ways to catch up with you within office space

Work-related conversations are a part of daily office hours, but when out of the other ten colleagues you are the one your colleague chooses to chat with most, know that you are special.

Well, it can be that maybe he is finding a friend in you to chat with, but then again, why not others?

Why you?

See the signs.

There might be a chance for potential office romance here.

Is he trying to take time out to engage in a chat with you?

Is he trying to tell you about his life beyond work?

young businessman flirts with woman colleague

You can’t be just a coworker if he is trying to extend his relationship with you beyond work.

It is a sign that you are special to him more than his other co-workers.

If he is smiling at you while during a meeting

If this happens, be rest assured he is unable to hide it.

It is the look that matters.

If you are taking the presentation lead, he is happy seeing you doing that and he wants to infuse more energy or confidence in you.

And a smile says it all.

If he is taking the meeting, and throw some occasional smiling glances at you, it could mean he is enjoying your presence and you’re being there is definitely making the meeting more meaningful to him.

You may easily give it a pass saying it might be just a kind gesture but trust me, judge the smile.

There could be a chance for office romance with this guy.

Ask yourself: Are his smiles for everyone or reserved only for you?

He is always at your service

This is a more than obvious choice but take a note.

Is he the guy who is getting coffee to all the attractive girls in the office or is he taking care of you especially?

man and woman in office talking over coffee

Those coffees right at your table is a gesture one does not do for people who are just friends.

The thing to see here is that it is not only about the coffee.

Let’s say you need to get printing done immediately, but the printer has run out of ink.

If he gets on his feet and immediately arranges it for you, you can know that he does not want to see you in trouble.

Note the fact that he has most likely developed an affection for you and potential office romance is on the cards.

Your colleague is taking a special interest in your life

If it is just about some nightstands, he will not be much interested to know about your life outside work, except to know your availability.

In the first point, we said that a guy who likes you would want you to know more about his life.

Similarly, that same guy would want to know more about your personal life.

Two young employees sitting by table in office

Knowing you better means knowing about your likes or hobbies beyond your work life.

Point to be noted, if he listens to you patiently about your personal life, he is someone you should not lose, even as a friend.

He tries to take you out for lunch dates

Well, in this instance the possibility of office romance is definitely there since he clearly wants a different relationship with you than just being coworkers.

But keep a watch if he is going out with other girls as well.

If it is only you, then he wants to spend more intimate time with you away from other colleagues.

He wants your undivided attention; hence those frequent lunch dates are just opening the door towards another relation which he is obviously hinting at.

Take the hint.

If you like him too, be open to the possibility of an office romance and do not discourage him from pursuing you.

young man and woman going for lunch break

A quick break from office hours and some nice chit chat with each other makes a relationship sweeter.

However, be sure of your first date behaviour with him.

He will look for opportunities to sit beside you

You see when you are spending a lot of time in the same office but your colleague is still looking for other moments to be closer to you, you can know he might be interested in an office romance.

A little bit of physical closeness is normal when someone is attracted to you.

For example, if he slyly reserves the seat next to you in meetings, he wants to feel your presence beside him.

And if he accidentally nudges you, he is being naughty just to get your touch.

young woman smiling at young man in office meeting

While praising your new haircut he might just touch the edges of your hair.

It is that feeling when he wants to be closer, yet he knows his restrictions even though you’re both good friends.

He stands up for you when things go wrong

Things don’t always go smoothly at work.

Things do get out of hand and you might find yourself brushed against the wrong wall.

You may get a yelling from your senior, or your colleagues might press your buttons the wrong way.

At this juncture, if that friend stands up for you and defends you fearlessly, feel assured that you have the right friend.

Many tend to bow to the side where the tide flows.

But this male friend in the office is trying to give you a shoulder even when others are withdrawing their support, you should know the prospects look positive.

office romance

Obviously, he has already connected himself emotionally with you, hence he cannot see you unhappy.

So, all the best people!

If you have a friend who is showing these signs and signals, stay open for the real possibility of an office romance and more intimate relationship.

And if at all you are interested, don’t take a step up yourself.

Let him ask you out for a date and flow with the wind.

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Nancy is an avid reader and ghost blogger for reputed websites. She believes in sharing the best of information on relationships and dating for men and women of all ages. She spreads her word through Cupidknocks.com, a blog that brings unique tips and ideas on dating and personal life. You can connect with Nancy on Facebook.

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