Attract Positive Relationships: 5 Simple Steps

by Gideon
May 11, 2018

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As we travel through our life’s journey, many relationships will come into our lives. Some of them will be wonderful and long-lasting; others, unfortunately, maybe short-term or unhappy. So, today, we are looking at 5 simple steps to attract positive relationships into your life.

Let’s start with a simple question: Do you tend to attract more negative relationships than positive ones?

What I’ve learned in my life is that though many of us strive to develop good, solid, and happy relationships, it seems we sometimes end up with exactly the opposite.

Have you ever noticed that?

Crazy aye!

But, wouldn’t you love to learn how to attract more positive relationships?

If you do, then I have some good news … you can!

Let’s look at 5 simple steps to attract positive relationships into your life.

Be patient.

Listen, you have to realise wonderful relationships don’t occur overnight!

They take time to be nurtured and develop into something that’s long-lasting.

And to allow these relationships into your life, you must have the patience to let them grow.

There is no shortcut or app for this, unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your point of view I suppose). 

So, when you begin a relationship that you perceive as being a positive one, don’t rush it.

Stay patient and work at it.

You may be very pleased to see what develops down the road.

Believe that you’re deserving of it.

In order to attract positive relationships into your life, you need to harbour a positive self-image.

There is no way you’ll attract positive people or relationships into your life when you are negative.

Therefore, it’s important to work hard to be(come) positive and avoid negative feelings or perceptions about yourself in particular.

Know that you deserve to have happy, stable relationships in your life.

And if you begin to think negatively, you must turn these negative thoughts around immediately.

Clear your mind and regain your self-confidence.

Remember, positive attracts positive.

When you think positive thoughts, you’ll attract positive results.

You’ll ultimately also attract positive relationships into your life with the positive energy you’re giving off to others.

So be a good example of the friend or partner you are looking to attract!

Be true to yourself and others.

If you’re not true to yourself, whether you believe it or not, others will sense this.

Therefore, the best approach is to avoid trying to be something OR someone that you’re not; this is a negative way of portraying yourself to others.

And as mentioned before, positive attracts positive, but negative attracts negative as well.

So, show others your TRUE self, including your flaws.

Transparency will yield much better results than lying to others or wearing a mask.

People will appreciate your open and willing heart and be able to form a strong bond with you more easily.

But, what about those who don’t?

Well, the easy answer is, if people only want to be in your life because of who you pretend to be but struggle to accept the REAL you, then perhaps they shouldn’t be in your life!

Choose to be genuine to others and allow them to see your true feelings and personality. That way you’ll attract the right people and relationships into your life.

Trying too hard to act like someone else could lead to embarrassment for you and heartache down the line.

Don’t take relationships for granted.

Remember to always give thanks for the valuable relationships in your life.

They may not be as numerous as you’d like, but rather than complaining, be thankful for the ones you have now and have had in the past.

Living in a state of gratitude will attract even more things to be grateful for, including positive relationships. 

By professing your gratitude genuinely, you’ll have an easier time attracting future positive relationships.

Be honest.

If you’re in a negative relationship right now, that will tend to keep positive relationships from coming into your life.

It’s, therefore, crucial, to be honest with yourself and others.

So, I’m challenging you to make a conscious decision to either improve that relationship or end it.

Honesty will pave the way for more positive, trusting relationships to enter your life. 

Keeping a negative relationship might save you an uncomfortable conversation now, but keep other positive relationships from coming into your life.

Take Away …

There’s an old saying that goes,

“Nothing worth having in life comes easily.”

Attracting positive relationships – and weeding out the negative ones – may not be an easy task, but it’ll make for a better and more fulfilling life.

You and I don’t control everything in life, but we do have a say in how much time we spend with whom.

So make a decision today to attract positive relationships into your life, while committing yourself to weed out the negative ones, one by one.

Please leave your thoughts and comments below (or on my Facebook page), as I love hearing from you all.

Live and love fully my Friend!

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Gideon is the founder of, a top-50 relationship blog (2021) and top-100 marriage blog (2021) which focuses on providing healthy relationship advice about love and life. He earned a Master's degree in theological studies before training as a professional counsellor and hypnotherapist (DipProfCouns., DipMSHT.) almost 10 years ago. He completed a graduate diploma in Psychology and is currently pursuing postgraduate Psychology studies at Massey University. He has been married to his wife for over sixteen years and is the father of two children. His articles have been published on and The Good Men Project.

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