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Searching for a wife or husband abroad expand opportunities. But at the same time, cross cultural marriages can cause difficulties.

Cultural differences often put a major roadblock in the way of a happy relationship.

One of the ways to overcome it may be having common interests.

Many people realize that and use fitness dating sites or other specialized platforms to find that special someone. Read on to find out what else helps to handle differences in a cross-cultural marriage and how to turn negatives into positives.

cross cultural marriage

Learn The Language

Wife and husband in transnational marriage often can’t express themselves fully.

It depends on what languages men and women speak to each other.

One partner can speak his mother tongue while another one speaks it not fluently.

Slight misunderstandings can also happen when a couple spends time in a family circle or with friends where everyone speaks a foreign language.

happy mixed race couple in park looking at each ot PM9RL6U cross cultural marriage

What are the ways to deal with it?

The obvious solution is to learn a particular language.

If English is foreign for both spouses and you choose it as a language for communication, you can learn it together.

Such an occupation will make you closer on many levels, including a verbal one.

What to do if one of the partners speaks spouse’s mother tongue not good enough?

Then it’s all about support, attention, and care.

Try to make sure you understand your partner correctly to avoid confusion, use mimic or gesture more, and encourage him or her to study the language.

Use Your Sense Of Humour

Humour goes a long way in every relationship, including cross-cultural ones.

It’s a powerful instrument to turn misunderstandings and flaws into jokes.

Why not laugh a little instead of correcting each other’s mistakes in pronunciation?

cross cultural marriage

A fun environment makes both wife and husband feel comfortable and ready to solve any problems.

It reduces stress and gets people to listen to each other.

Sometimes a good joke takes all the worries away and makes your partner really want to hear what you say.

Using your sense of humour properly, you can build trust, diffuse conflicts, and encourage your soulmate to work on the relationship together.

By laughing, you make problems and difficulties smaller.

After all, if you put a smile on your partner’s face in the worst moods, your relationship is safe.

Accept The Traditions

Each nation has its traditions and mentality.

Even if a person is open-minded, some things are going so deep that it’s impossible to ignore it.

Spouses have to be ready to show maximum respect and understanding.

Nobody wants something sacred neglected by a close person.

One may think learning about different cultures solves the problem.

But culture influences not only visible things like cloth and food. 

It affects the way people behave, choose priorities, even how they think.

And it’s almost impossible to get how things work by just reading about it.

A couple in a cross cultural marriage needs to get the first-hand experience of each other’s culture and be as delicate and prejudice-free as possible. 

cross cultural couple

 Partners have to be open-minded regarding both big and small parts of a different culture.

Not everyone may be aware of it, but even the food we eat while growing up influences our habits and lifestyle.

For example, one culture prohibits the consumption of alcohol, and another one nearly encourages it.

The regular diet of a foreign wife or husband might seem unusual or even unpleasant.

But think twice before showing your disapproval or, worse still, disgust. 

Put your soulmate’s needs ahead and try to get used to his or her culinary preferences.

If your partner’s comfort food bothers you too much so you can’t enjoy your dishes while you are having dinner together, talk gently about it.

Explain your position carefully and try to find a solution together.

Value Personal Features Above All

Imagine a married couple with different religious beliefs.

Do these views influence the daily routine, conversations, and love?

Probably not.

Therefore one of the best ways to handle cross-cultural difficulties in a marriage is to value personal features above all.

mixed race couple planting rooftop garden together P8KYEKZ cross cultural marriage

It may be kindness or intelligence or strong will that attracted you to your partner.

Don’t forget why you fell in love with this man or woman, and cultural differences will take a back seat.

It’s impossible to make all differences disappear if you are in a cross cultural marriage.

You have to be ready to handle each misunderstanding as it comes.

And putting personal features of the partner and your love above all that target becomes easier to achieve.

Focus On What You Have In Common

No doubt, transnational couples have differences.

But we are sure they have a lot in common if they got married in the first place.

Concentrating on common interests, mutual feelings, all things that brought you together make differences small and insignificant.

happy young mixed race couple running on the seash PYKCPLF cross cultural marriage

Spend more time together, devote attention to each other, and stay positive about any distinction.

You can use variations to make your relationship stronger.

As you want to avoid misunderstandings, you communicate a lot, which is a very healthy thing in a relationship.

With a habit of talking about everything and making decisions together, your marriage will pass through all the trials, including cultural ones.


People in cross-cultural relationships indeed face difficulties.

But any other kind of relationship also isn’t easy.

Couples have to work together to make their marriage strong and healthy.

You have to be open-minded, trusting, attentive, and loving to handle all the differences.

Be ready to rise to the challenges and discuss things a lot.  

Honesty, love, and communication have enough power to resolve any difficulties.

It may seem at first sight that differences create a distance.

In fact, by handling differences, you show how you care about each other. 

You understand your partner is so crucial that you are ready to fight for your relationship.

All this helps us understand that negotiation and finding common ground make spouses even closer and reinforce the marriage.

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