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AI has undeniably become a ubiquitous presence in our lives, but have you ever stopped to think about its impact on modern dating? As a dating coach with years of experience helping single men navigate the complexities of relationships, our guest expert, Herman the German, explores the pitfalls of relying too heavily on AI in modern dating and the potential for deceit and disappointment that it brings.

modern dating

AI is here, AI is there. 

You can’t escape it. The internet is full of articles, videos, and comments about AI. People worry it will make us all unemployed. But the question I’m asking myself is:

How will AI impact modern dating in the near future? 

I can’t help it. 

My mind naturally thinks about dating because, in the past 10 years, I’ve been helping smart, single men to get and keep the kind of woman they want.

So today, I want to share some of my thoughts, which will help you get more matches and dates.

And if you’re in a relationship, this article will show you how to avoid a devastating breakup during the upcoming AI boom. 

Let’s go…

Modern Dating: AI + Online Dating

Soon, various dating experts and apps will sell you their Texting AI.

They will promise that you never have to worry about what to text her again. The machine will do it all for you. Knowing precisely what psychological buttons to push so she’ll say yes to a date – guaranteeing to fill up your calendar full of dates. While you’ve got to do nothing but pay their subscription fee. 

And if you don’t have any matches to text with, don’t worry. They got you covered as well. 

You can use their Photo editing AI (a technology already available) for a small fee. With just one click, this AI can turn any man into Brad Pitt and George Clooney. Without effort, you’ll have more matches than knowing what to do with them. 

So you don’t have to do the work yourself to get more matches on apps like Tinder.

Sounds like a dream, right?

My conclusion: it’ll be a dream come true – a dream for everyone who’s selling you Texting and Photo editing AIs. And a nightmare for everyone who buys it.

Here’s why:

First: Even if your AI texts better than Casanova… eventually, you have to meet her in person. And this creates the following set of problems:

  • She’ll see that you don’t act as confident the same way as you do via text
  • She’ll feel deceived
  • She won’t see you again for a second date

Second: If you decide to buy the Photo editing AI and text yourself, this can backfire too.

Once you meet her, she’ll notice you don’t look like the guys on the cover of GQ magazine. What are the chances of you getting a second date?

Slim at best.

How would you feel if she lied to you and used fake images?

You would feel tricked, right?

And you would stay on the date out of courtesy but never see her again. 

So why should she feel any different if you lie to her?

Sadly, many guys are over editing their pictures because they want more matches. Blinded by the possible results, they don’t consider the negative consequences. 

Look, I’m not saying you shouldn’t edit your pictures. I do it, My clients do it. Heck, women do it all the time. It’s fine as long as you don’t change your appearance. 

Here are two examples to show you the difference between ethical editing and the stuff that gets you in trouble:

Ethical Editing:

modern dating

Using FaceApp, I look less grumpy with a push of a button. This is fine because I’ll still look the same on our date. 

Misleading Editing: 

modern dating

This is too much. She’ll feel deceived, and he can forget about getting a second date. 

Third: If one guy is using AI to get ahead in Online dating, you can bet all your money that he won’t be the only one.

It’s human nature. We are inherently lazy. Studies have proven this time and time again. The promise to get dates without having to do anything will attract tons of users. But the problem is this will change the modern dating landscape forever. 

Women will know most guys don’t write their texts or use altered pictures. 

So they will become increasingly suspicious of any guy they meet online. And this will negatively impact all men – even the ones who don’t use AI at all.

For example, she wouldn’t know if you or an AI wrote the conversation starter you sent her. So she might not answer because she believes you’re one of those lazy AI guys. 

Fourth: Do you think all women are geniuses when it comes to flirting and texting?

Just google “How to text a guy,” and you’ll find countless articles and videos with millions of views.

If all women would be so great at texting, no one would ever read those articles or watch those videos. 

modern dating

Most of the time, I get messages like these when women text me first on Tinder. Proving not only many men but most women aren’t so great at breaking the ice online.

So it wouldn’t be too crazy to assume some women would use AI to text on dating apps.

Leading to a scenario where a male and female AI talk to each other and set up a date. Now the man and woman would meet in real life and be surprised that none of them turns out to be how they presented themselves online… unless they continue to talk to each other via AI. And when the guy is unsure if it’s the right moment to kiss her, his AI will look for the signs that she likes him before he makes a move. 

This would make for a great sitcom episode. 

But this could easily become a reality in a none too distant future. 

Modern Dating: AI + Real-Life Dating

In 2014 an app came out to help you “maximize” your relationship.

It’s called Bro App. You might have heard of it because it was featured on TV. What does it do?

It’s programmed to send your girlfriend or wife cute text messages on it’s own like:

“Thinking of you, fluff muffin.”

The goal is to give her the impression that you’re thinking of her while you hang with your bros, play video games, or work out at the Gym.

Is it worth it?

Not really, because it can kill your relationship.

Think about it…

If your girlfriend or wife finds out that all the cute messages you send her are fake, how would she react?

Would she make you a sandwich and say how thoughtful you are…

Or, the more likely scenario, she would take a frying pan and smack you silly.

Probably it won’t be that bad. But if she doesn’t break up with you, at least she won’t fully trust you anymore. She’ll think that if you can lie about something like this, what else are you lying about?

Which will lead to jealousy and its own set of relationship problems.

So congrats, you signed a potential death warrant for your relationship.

Since the launch of BroApp, technology has become way more sophisticated.

With the BroApp, you can only program to send pre-written text messages at an exact time.

But now, you can use ChatGPT to create answers to the texts you receive from your girlfriend or wife. This creates a whole new level of comfort and a new way for how you can ruin your relationship. The TV show South Park hilariously demonstrates this in the ‘Deep Learning’ episode.

In the episode…

One of the main characters, Stan, is confronted by his girlfriend, Wendy. She complains they don’t communicate anymore because Stan only replies to her texts with a Thumbs Up emoji.

To save his relationship, Stan starts to reply to his girlfriend’s texts solely with the help of ChatGPT. He doesn’t even bother to read what he sends her. Wendy is happy. She feels appreciated and understood, while Stan doesn’t need to worry about what he should text.

All is going fine until they meet up for a date. Wendy starts talking about his texts, and Stan has no clue what he sent her. Now he panics about what will happen if she finds out he was lying to her all along.

All the other guys in his school who use ChatGPT in their relationships have the same concern. And now, they must figure out how to keep their girlfriends from discovering that they’ve been using ChatGPT all this time.

This episode quite accurately shows the main problem of using AI in your dating life.  

Simply put, once your girlfriend or wife finds out you have been using it, you are screwed.

So if someone tries to sell you AI to do all the texting for you, my advice is simple:


About the author

Herman The German

Guest expert, Herman the German, used to be a banker in a top investment firm, who turned his pattern recognition and cold analysis skills into a way to help men with their dating and love life. He invented the Efficient Dating Systems Made in Germany and is sharing his recent discoveries on

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