7 Mental Blocks That Limit Your Success

by Gideon Hanekom
June 3, 2015

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Many of us are not limited by our knowledge, skills, experience, gender, sexuality, resources, etc. We believe we are, but it isn’t actually true. The truth is that we are actually held back by a much more insidious issue, namely our mental blocks.

Roger Clemens once said that “I think anything is possible if you have the mindset and the will and desire to do it and put the time in.” 

The issue is that most people, I know at least, never get to experience the “impossible” because they never create the mindset and will necessary to overcome their mental blocks. 

And so they stay stuck.

Becoming successful is much more about your beliefs than it is about your current skills and talents.

Tony Robbins always says it’s 80% psychology and 20% mechanics.

I agree with that.

We have much access to strategies for achieving almost anything, but people still don’t.


Because they lack the mindset that gets them to apply and maintain the strategies they know.

Recognising the mental blocks that limit your success might be the most important step you can take on your journey to a successful life.

Mental blocks are insidious.

They begin at a young age and quickly become the norm.

We become so used to their existence that we fail to question them.

We tend to live a script.

We learn to limit ourselves and blindly accept the criticisms of our family members, teachers, peers, and even strangers.

Learn to recognise these 7 mental blocks:

Your self-doubt is limiting your ability to take action.

The most successful people tend to overestimate their abilities at first.

However, studies have shown that these same people eventually grow to meet their expectations.

Have the courage to believe that you are capable. You’ll ultimately prove yourself correct.

Also, consider that the most pessimistic of people are the most accurate when assessing their skill at a new task.

They also finish behind all other groups in the long term. Be optimistic and you’ll come out ahead.

You refuse to get or accept help from others.

Life is too short to gain the necessary knowledge and perform every task yourself.

You can find others that have already been successful in your field of choice.

Seek these experts out and get the help you require.

You think you lack the necessary education.

The percentage of highly successful people who failed to complete high school is staggering.

While a lack of education can prevent you from becoming a brain surgeon, it’s possible you already have all the education you require to be successful in other endeavours.

You think your competitors are better than you are.

Studies have shown that we tend to underestimate ourselves and overestimate others.

Consider the fact that you might be giving your competition more credit than they deserve!

Examine your competition and improve upon their efforts.

Otherwise, ignore them and get busy.

You believe that your goals aren’t achievable.

If you’re sure you can’t be successful, you’ll never get started.

Be objective with your goals.

Are they really too challenging?

Or are you failing to believe in your capabilities sufficiently?

It might be worthwhile to scale back your goals slightly until you feel more confident.

You can always grow into your goals in the future.

You’re afraid to see your truth.

It’s possible you’re nervous about discovering your shortcomings.

It’s easy to maintain a little hope if you stay on the sidelines.

After all, maybe you really do have what it takes.

You haven’t done anything to prove yourself wrong yet.

Try your best and see what happens.

You’re unlikely to be successful on the first attempt anyway.

However, the second attempt will be better than the first.

The third will be even more effective.

Continue until you’ve attained success.

You believe that you lack the necessary time and money.

Here’s the truth if I’ve ever heard one,

 Convenient excuses are tools of those that lack commitment.

Successful people have started from every possible starting point.

Some were wealthy.

Others were very poor and had to work multiple jobs just to eat.

You can get started without many financial resources.

You can find time if you desire to do so.

You know this is true.

Don’t we always find time to waste on useless things?

Mental blocks are common, but you’ll notice that your most successful acquaintances have the fewest mental blocks.

You have a powerful ability to succeed if you can enhance your mental state.

Examine yourself for these most common success blockers. Once you’re able to recognise them, you have the awareness and power to address them.

About the author 

Gideon Hanekom

Gideon Hanekom is the creator of TheRelationshipGuy.com, a renowned relationship blog that ranked among the top 50 relationship blogs and top 100 marriage blogs in 2021. The blog is dedicated to providing valuable insights on cultivating healthy relationships and love in daily life. Gideon holds a Master's degree in theological studies and transitioned into professional counseling almost a decade ago. In addition, he completed graduate and post-graduate studies in Psychology at Massey University. With over seventeen years of marriage to his wife and two children, Gideon brings both professional and personal experience to his relationship advice. His articles have been featured on respected platforms such as Marriage.com and The Good Men Project.

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