"What Do Husbands Want From Wives?"

“What do husbands want from wives?”

By Gideon, 20 Sep 2021

I responded to a question asked on Quora.com recently, “What do husbands want from wives?” The reason I answered this question is because it’s a super relevant topic in relationships. What couples expect from one another these days have changed from the days of our grandparents, but we don’t always keep track with what our spouse expects from us. Or, alternatively, we have too unrealistic or unclear expectations which also cause issues. Here is my answer to the person who asked the question …

This is an extremely difficult question to answer.

The reason for that is because people are very different from each other, with vastly different expectations of their partners.

If you add to this the reality of cultural differences, and the various gender expectations within different cultures of marital couples (or couples in general), you can see how this becomes an almost impossible question to answer.

But, in saying this, I would assume that you are asking from a Western point of view, which does narrow it down a bit more, but even in saying that, there are still many differences between people.

Recently, I posted a new blog post on 8 specific expectations couples need to avoid in order to be happier, which you can read here:

8 Unrealistic Expectations In Relationships You Must Avoid as Couple

Even though this list isn’t exhausted by any means, it does focus on 8 very common expectations couples often times have of each other.

These are not healthy expectations to have, and should you find them in your relationship, I would recommend that you revisit them and perhaps question whether they are the best elements to harbour or allow in your relationship.

Especially if you’re after long-term happiness.

I hope you go have a look at the post and find some value in it.

Have any more questions, just let me know.


Gideon H.


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