May 31, 2017

Why You Do What You Do


When I learned this stuff a few years ago, everything changed for me. How I approach my clients, how I see my friends, how I think about myself, and also what I listen and look for whenever I meet new people. Imagine being able to understand yourself and the people around you at a much deeper level than you currently do. Imagine how that will help you. Imagine how that could serve your family. Think about how that could help your business grow. It will make a huge difference. And, now, you can have access to those insights as we look at why you do what you do today.What are we talking about here?

In short, it’s called Basic Human Needs Psychology (or BHNP) and it’s based on the life’s work of the legendary Anthony Robbins.

Robbins argues that his interaction, work with and observance of millions of people from around the world, has taught him there are a few simple patterns in human behaviour.

It might seem like we have completely different lives and are totally unique from one another, and we are to some extent, but there are basically only 6 patterns we see over and over in human behaviour. This goes beyond culture, gender, or creed. These patterns are based on what he calls, the 6 basic human needs.

Now, I can’t explain it as well as the man himself can, so please watch this video below where Tony did a TED talk on these principles.

Powerful stuff isn’t it?!

What you do every single day of your life isn’t random. You have patterns. We all have patterns.

The only issue is that some of our patterns are limiting or hurting us and others around us.

But, we can change that. Once we know what makes us tick, we can make some changes to create better patterns with far more positive consequences.

Imagine understanding your spouse better, how that could improve your intimacy?

What about understanding your kids better?

Your friends?






How could that information potentially help you take control of your life?

Now, there is a BUT … always is.

As Tony said, principles without immersion are not that effective. It’s only when we immerse ourselves in the principles (which requires discovering and learning them), AND apply them to our lives that the magic happens.

And I can help you with that.

A few years ago I wanted to know as much as I could about these principles Tony teaches and ended up enrolling with the Robbins-Madanes Center for Strategic Intervention. It’s basically a coaching program that trains you in the principles and strategies Tony uses to help people create massive breakthroughs.

One of the first things we learned was the 6 BHNs. How to assess and coach someone through it.

And I’ve done this with heaps of clients now.

One in particular has changed their life after more than 50 years of looking at life a certain way and being stuck as a result of it. This process set this person free and their life has gone to completely new levels of happiness and fulfillment these days. In fact, we’re good friends these days and it’s a real joy seeing this person blossoming this way.

Better late than never as they say!

So, if you would like to know what drives you specifically and why you do what you do, I have an assessment you can take after which we can set up a time to talk it through.

At NO cost to you.

Why free?

As you know, I am a consultant that’s in the business of developing people’s professional and personal lives, and you might want to continue working with me in the future at which time we can talk about paid sessions.

But, if you want to get this 6 BHNs assessment done and work through it for free, with no obligations whatsoever, then get in touch with me here and we’ll talk.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Also sign up for my High Performance Monthly Newsletter below and get some great tools and strategies for improving your results even more, right in your inbox.

I hope to see you on the other side.

To you success,

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