You Are Driven By the Need “CERTAINTY”

All of us have basic needs, not merely desires but profound needs that underlie and motivate every choice we make. There are six basic needs that everyone seeks to fulfil.

What you need to know about CERTAINTY.

General overview

We all want to feel safe, avoid pain, and feel comfortable in our environment and our relationships.

Every individual needs to have some sense of certainty and security.

That can mean a roof over one’s head, knowing where the next meal will come from, knowing how to obtain care when one is sick, knowing that a neighbour won’t attack us, having a plan for your next vacation.

These are just a few examples of what constitutes a basic sense of certainty.

The helpless infant needs certainty as well as the child, the adult, and the elderly person.

But the degree to which certainty is needed or desired, however, varies from person to person.

Some people feel secure living in one room and collecting an unemployment check.

Others can feel certainty only if they make a million dollars each year.

Even though some certainty is necessary to all of us, what constitutes certainty varies from individual to individual.

Code words for certainty are “comfort, security, safety, stability, feeling grounded, predictability, and protection.”

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