Salvage The Marriage: 7 Sex Tips To Satisfy Women

Salvage the Marriage: 7 Sex Tips To Satisfy Women

By Belinda Anderson, 20 Sep 2021

When sex is “working well” in a marriage, it contributes to about 10% of the overall success of the relationship. Conversely, however, when sex is a “problem” for whatever reason, it becomes 90% of the overall problem.

Men, in my experience and opinion, are often very sexually “illiterate.”

Just because you know how to “do it” doesn’t mean you know how to “DO it” and satisfy your wife.

And trust me, sex might feel more important to you, but it probably is not.

If you want to have a happy sex life, perhaps even salvage your marriage, then you must learn how to satisfy a woman sexually.

Also, if you’re a woman who wants to be sexully satisfied by your husband, but doesn’t know where to start, this article by guest author, Belinda Anderson, might help.

There’s no such thing as a “perfect marriage,” where a husband and wife won’t be tested by many trials to keep their marriage.

Although certain marriage issues can quickly be addressed, others can be difficult to handle and might mark the start of the end of a marriage.

Usually, most of these marriages will get to a stage where both couples become unhappy with almost everything, especially when it comes to satisfying women in bed.

However, if the right amount of love formulas during sex are applied, a bland marriage would be spiced up and saved.

Now, if you’re on the verge of having an unhappy marriage, you might be slowly noticing that satisfying your wife can be a hard thing.

But it is essential to note that there’s still a way to fix it through lovemaking.

If you’re up to hear more the sex tips that can salvage your marriage, take a read what’s mentioned below.

sexual intimacy

Spice Up Your Married Life With Different Sex Toys

While it’s true that it’s enjoyable to use sex toys by yourself, using different types of them with your partner is a whole other discussion.

However, some unhappily married couples have a boring sex life because they have not tried to experiment with anything to heighten up their arousal.

If that’s the case, you need to incorporate sex toys in bed to make it more thrilling.

It will allow your love session to become a more enjoyable feeling that might only be achieved with sex toys.

There are various sex toys for couples available in the market, such as vibrators, double edge dildos, and harnesses.

sexual pleasure

Bringing your sex life to a whole new level is healthy for your marriage.

Hence, don’t forget to consider using sex toys because it can satisfy your wife even more.

Make Intimate Sex Videos

Making an intimate sex video will bring some spice to your boring marriage.

Sometimes, a relationship would need excitement, suspense, and fun.

Filming yourselves while making love can help with that and can raise the sexual tension for women, especially when she knows she’s filmed.

However, if you’re thinking that recording your love session is too risky and can be tagged as pornography, remember that there’s a huge gap between lovemaking and creating porn.

But both things can overlap, especially if you and your partner are into that kind of thing.

Even so, take protective measures to secure your intimate videos so that no one can access them easily.

You can even archive this to the safest software you know and make sure that only you and your partner can access it.

This way, you can play those videos anytime in the future while you and your partner are having sex.

Watching this will allow your wife to feel emboldened, embraced, and cherished.

Use Lubricants During Sex

The vagina of a woman can self-lubricate.

However, there are periods when the woman’s body can produce less lubricant for various reasons, such as hormonal fluctuations, menopause, genetic defects, and more.

If that’s the case, it can be unpleasant during intercourse and can damage the vagina’s outer and inner surface, which can be very painful for a woman.

However, there’s still a way to satisfy a woman during sex without damaging her vagina.

If it is not self-lubricating, just use an artificial lubricant.

sexual stimulation

Aside from the ease and comfort it provides, it can also greatly boost excitement, increase sexual arousal, maintain your woman’s vagina smooth, and decrease penetration discomfort.

Let Your Wife Dominate and Lead

Usually, men hold the reins too much in bed when it comes to sexual interactions.

It is expected that they must take the initiative in doing it because most men are very aggressive in sex.

This puts men in control, governing everything during a love session, and restricting women from taking the command because they only need to obey.

However, if both of you are unhappy with your regular sex routine as a couple, it’s about time to let your wife take charge of leading your love sessions.

sexual guidance

Keep in mind that your relationship may be perpetually deluged with sex rules that might not function anymore.

That’s when you became unhappy with your marriage.

However, if you consider doing it without them, it might be a mind-blowing experience you never tried before.

Therefore, let her dominate because it will satisfy her even more.

Also, you may be shocked at what she can do.

Try Outdoor Sex Activities

Indoor sex activities gradually become boring for married couples because there is no suspense at all.

Hence, if you want to experience more thrilling sexual intercourse, consider having sex outdoors.

sexually adventurous

For married couples, it can be thrilling and terrifying at the same time.

That being said, it requires much more planning and consideration before diving into this sort of activity.

It should be secure, comfortable, and still within legal means.

This experience will not just add excitement to your dull marriage, but it will also satisfy your wife even more.

Women are always fond of surprises, so taking her outdoors to conduct this activity without her knowledge will stun her and drive her sex drive even more.

Always Masturbate In Front of Your Wife

It is somehow true that the thought of masturbating in front of your wife may be a little bit intimidating.

This can make them feel weak and perhaps even a bit embarrassed or humiliated.

However, masturbating in front of your wife allows her to witness that you enjoy being touched, which can stir the sexual desire inside her.

It’s also one of the ways to seduce her and convince her that you want to have sex.

It can heighten her orgasm and make her feel more aroused.

It can also be considered a signal that you’re up to feel her heavenly sensation through sex.

Always Be Experimental In Choosing Sex Positions

Men should always be experimental to satisfy women in sex to have a successful marriage.

Most of the time, it’s always a husband’s job to direct a woman in a way that will thrill her even more.

Choosing the best sex positions for you as a couple isn’t too hard as long as you figure out each other’s preferences.

sexual preference

By viewing various porn or adult videos as a guide, you can recreate a position you’d like to try.

This will turn your regular sex routines into something entirely new.

However, there are risky sex positions that might not be right for you.

Therefore, always keep in mind to carefully consider a sex position before trying it.


There are always ups and downs in every marriage.

And while there are issues that cannot be solved by mere sex alone, it can help form intimacy and trust with your partner.

Hence, understanding how sex is an essential component of happy relationships is important.

Practising exciting sex routines can be a tool to save an unhappy marriage.

Moreover, always take into consideration how a happy wife indicates a happy marriage.

Therefore, never forget to remember the sex tips mentioned above to help satisfy women in a marriage.

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