Deepen Intimacy

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How do you continue to get closer to your spouse once the initial excitement starts to fade? The most important thing we can do is deepening the intimacy in our relationship. And this eguide (including worksheet) will show you how to make some crucial improvements to make that happen. 

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Importance of Intimacy in Relationships.

What are the types of intimacy?

Chapter 2: 10 Obstacles to Building Intimacy.

What are the obstacles that make building intimacy in your relationship more challenging? Here are the obstacles to avoid and what you can do to overcome them.

Chapter 3: Self-Intimacy and its Impact on the Relationship.

How can your relationship with yourself deepen the connection in your romantic relationship? Having a truly intimate relationship with your beloved starts with the relationship with yourself first.

Chapter 4: Building Trust and Intimacy.

Trust is the foundation for intimacy in your relationship. Couples will need to trust that each other’s love is unconditional and that they can lean on each other for support.

Chapter 5: Emotional Intimacy.

Emotional intimacy is how safe and secure you feel with your partner. It’s built through raw, deeper conversations about feelings, struggles and needs.

Chapter 6: Intellectual Intimacy.

Intellectual intimacy is getting to know how your partner’s mind works. You learn about your partner’s opinions and the way they see the world.

Chapter 7: Building Physical Intimacy.

See how physical intimacy can boost your immune system, help you live longer, and keep you happier.

Chapter 8: Experiential Intimacy.

Experiential intimacy is built by doing shared activities with your partner. It’s growing your memory bank, creating inside jokes, and enjoying time together.

Chapter 9: Building Intimacy Beyond Conflict.

Instead of settling when things get hard, the disagreements you have can become a way for you to understand each other better, learn, and grow. That’s how you build intimacy beyond conflict.

Chapter 10: 5 Exercises to Build Intimacy.

These exercises will bring you closer together. Follow these practical tips in your daily life to feel understood in a way you haven’t before.

Bonus Downloads:
  1. How to manage the rough spots and keep your marriage together
  2. Strengthening Your Relationship: A daily checklist to discuss with your partner

2 reviews for Deepen Intimacy

  1. Alison Gatland (verified owner)

    Filled with good tips, especially the part about your relationship with yourself playing a role in deepening the connection with your spouse.

  2. Sarah Smit (verified owner)

    Will definitely be using some of these ideas

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