Practise What You Preach

by Gideon Hanekom
July 22, 2021

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There is a major difference between preaching and practising.

Advising is not the same as action.

It has become overly easy to preach and advise, often with very little cost or consequence to the one doing the talking.

But doing the talking is not the same as doing the very things highlighted by the talking.

The reality of the matter is, that no word will ever speak as resoundingly or lastingly as action.

For what you’re doing, speaks so loudly that I cannot hear a word you’re saying.

Actions speak louder than words. Always have and always will.

Even faith without works is like a lifeless corpse.

Thus, if you preach love, make sure you practise love.

Or gratitude.

Or forgiveness.

Practise what you preach.

If you advise, make certain you follow your own advice.

Because the preacher is not exempt from practising, no matter the magnitude of words or soundness of thought.

If anything, what you’re practising is the only real thing you’re preaching.

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Gideon Hanekom

Gideon Hanekom is the creator of, a renowned relationship blog that ranked among the top 50 relationship blogs and top 100 marriage blogs in 2021. The blog is dedicated to providing valuable insights on cultivating healthy relationships and love in daily life. Gideon holds a Master's degree in theological studies and transitioned into professional counseling almost a decade ago. In addition, he completed graduate and post-graduate studies in Psychology at Massey University. With over seventeen years of marriage to his wife and two children, Gideon brings both professional and personal experience to his relationship advice. His articles have been featured on respected platforms such as and The Good Men Project.

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