May 4, 2020

What would you do if you had to compete with your partner’s pet?

Choosing a pet over a partner is a choice that (shockingly) many people make.

Sometimes a partner finds their significant other’s love for pets endearing, while others may find it annoying.

There are even circumstances where a partner is jealous of the love their significant other’s pet receives.

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Having a relationship and falling in love can be complicated

When a pet sometimes gets in the way of a couple’s love life, or maybe leaves messes behind that one partner does not like, this can create stress in the relationship. 

Choosing Pets Over Partners

To find out what others thought about abandoning partners in favor of pets, I did some research and stumbled across some interesting perspectives.

For example, I found  this question’s responses on Quora quite interesting:

I’m not surprised at the responses to this question, mainly favouring the choice to keep the pet and boot the partner.

When answering this question, most people who participated said that they would choose their pets over their partners in such a scenario (but they had good reasoning behind their answers).

Here is one of the answers written by Kat Taylor:

But what if it WASN’T an easy choice?

What if your partner isn’t a monster and there is more to their lack of love for felines and other furry friends?

Choosing a Pet Over a Loving Partner

Choosing a pet over an abusive partner is an easy choice, but what if you find someone that you really connect well with EXCEPT for the fact that they don’t like pets?

Or vice versa?

If you are a pet lover, a good assumption would be that your partner would find your love for your pet endearing.

After all, dogs, cats, and other domestic animals are innocent creatures.

It’s hard to ignore their desperate cries for attention.

But if your partner finds pets annoying, they might not be on the same page as you (or even the same planet).

Some people aren’t animal lovers and they really can’t help that.

If your partner isn’t an animal lover, they may grow jealous of your constant attention to your pet(s) and even grow to hate them.

Especially if your partner also doesn’t like animal hair in the house, dogs chewing on shoes and cats meowing at night.

Furthermore, there are other issues such as your partner being allergic to dog or cat hair.

I’ve heard horror stories from people who are allergic to dog or cat hair but try to work it out for their own love of animals or because they want to make their partner happy.

Splitting up with someone just because of your pet when in general they like pets themselves almost sounds a bit heartless.

So, at the end of the day, how does one decide between a loyal pet or a loving partner?

It’s really a personal choice.

Wrapping It Up

Is it wrong for someone to NOT be a pet person?

Most people would say that it isn’t, as each person is entitled to their own feelings.

In the end, if you are the pet lover in your relationship, that choice will be up to you.

If your partner is the pet lover, don’t be surprised if they choose their cat over their cutie.

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