by Gideon

September 6, 2016

In this week’s session, we talk about How to Scale Results in Your Life.  People often times create sub-par results in their life because they fail to tap into more of their potential.

And the reason why they fail to do that is that they are harbouring certain self-limiting beliefs.

These self-imposed self-limiting beliefs run the show from the unconscious mind and ultimately affect the results we create; personally and professionally.

In this session, we look at three major self-limiting beliefs that people typically hold in their minds with the potential to really hurt their results in the long run.

Here’s a summary of the three major self-limiting beliefs people typically impose on themselves:

1. I can’t …
2. It’s out of my control …
3. It’s impossible …

The homework assignment we discussed in the video, works as follows:

  • Make a list for #1-3, and write every self-limiting belief down.
  • Make a second list for #1-3, and write down everything you can do, that is in your control, and that is possible.
  • Ask yourself, “am I doing something about these (list 2),” and “am I consistent with it?”
  • If not, go and do something about it.

I hope this helped you in some way.

As always leave your thoughts and questions below, and I would love to read them and respond personally.

Talk soon!
Gideon H.


About the author 


Gideon is the Owner of The Relationship Guy, a top-100 marriage advice blog that helps married couples create happier relationships. He is a trained professional counsellor (DipProfCouns., DipMSHT.), has been happily married for over fifteen years and is a dad of two.​ He also holds Bachelor and Master degrees in the field of Theology and is currently studying Psychology at Massey University (New Zealand).

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