June 22, 2020

How Long the Average Couples Date Before Getting Married


You want your partner to pop the question, so that you can walk down the aisle in the arms of the one you love, into the arms of the one you have chosen to get married to. You don’t want to appear like you just want to get married fast. but you are in love, you are sure and you know your partner is just the right person for you.

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What is the Average Dating Period Before Getting Married?

Plus, all the emotions that you are feeling, are not helping you think clearly.

There is the fear from your previous relationship, your previous partner was eventually not the one, but you thought he was. 

The unwritten adult peer pressure where all your friends are getting married, and you think you are the only one left.

The wedding invitations and the happy faces of your high school friends on Facebook, torment you each time you open it these days.

Or more than all that, you desire to know what getting married feels like.

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Before you collapse under all that fear, desire, and pressure, you may want to bear in mind that most couples date 4.9 years on the average.

What Are the Things That Count?

Even though the average date length for most couples is 4.9 years, there is no yardstick to getting married.

You may need to ask yourself why getting married is important to you.

Perhaps, that may help you discover the values that you need in a partner in a short or long period.

What are the things that count?

Is it a financially stable partner, a God-fearing partner, a partner that likes adventures, or a partner that lets you be who you want to be?

 Discovering all these things that matter to you in a person, may take a long or short period, and that maybe all the time you need to date before getting married.

Does the Average Length Differ for Online Dating?

When you meet someone online, for the relationship to move further to the point of getting married, there is a need to physically date.

Therefore, it is safe to say that the average length for dating will apply for online dating too.

Finding love online is possible, just join the best dating sites and have fun.

One of the beauties of finding a potential partner online is that you may surprisingly find someone who is just in your vicinity that you have always crushed on to fall in love with you.

And if you have also dreamed of getting married to a foreigner, then taking your chances at an online date will put your dream at a better chance of coming through.

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The Curing Period

In building, there is a period called the curing period.

It is the time it takes for concrete to get dried, as long as all the factors needed are in place: the right temperature and all the other factors, this period usually lasts for 30 days.

It is not advised to build anything on the top of a concrete foundation if it hasn’t cured yet.

So it is in dating too.

The first three months are usually exciting, but those months are best called the curing months.

Sometimes, getting married in those three months could mean that you are getting married fast because it is the month where you are still excited about each other.

You may not have understood:

  • How to deal with conflicts: when you fight, do you resolve it immediately or at a later time? Is your partner quick to correct? Do you talk about it and find ways to work around it?
  • How to deal with losses: do you know how your partner grieves when they lose a loved one or something very important to them? Do they vent or want to be by themselves? Or they just share it with you, cry and get it over with? 
  • What their faith or life beliefs are: initially, this may not even mean much, and in the first three months, it may be a discussion that can be avoided. But as you spend more time together, you may see that their world’s view and yours may differ.

All these to say that there is no given time to date someone, before getting married to them. It all boils down to your guts.

What you want and what you may have discovered about them that you are willing to live with.

But if you have contrary views, let us hear them.


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