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Many married couples stuck in unhappy marriages have no idea where to start to begin fixing things in their relationship. Perhaps that's true for you too.

But this is where I can help!

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You cannot change what you're unclear or unaware of. Working with me will give you clarity and practical insights to help achieving your desired goals.

save you time

Information is freely available and accessible nowadays, which means you could figure things out for yourself. But why waste time? I will help you figure things out and get results faster. 

practical strategies

Insight is great, but unless you apply what you know, it won't make any significant and long-term difference. I will help you apply what you learn to move you forward.

experience & knowledge

When we work together, you get access to me which means you get to pick my brain, tap into my experience and knowledge, and have someone to hold your hand.

Here’s what people are saying about working with me

Lloyd k.


Gideon has taught me some vital principles that make all the difference. All’s well that begins well. The law of preparation. Small things make the difference. Action without thought = failure. Action with thought = Success. Thanks Gidz!

Adam F.


Gideon reminded me how to be a great husband. When I first met Gideon, I had been married 7 years and was starting to become complacent in my marriage. His services helped strengthen my relationship with my wife, to ensure we live a happy and fulfilling life together.

Yvonne N.


Thank You Gideon you are Inspiring, enlightening, encouraging, humorous, generous and kind and always willing to help me solve what’s on my mind.

About Gideon

Gideon Hanekom is a relationship coach and the creator of The Relationship Guy – a top relationship advice blog that helps married couples create happier relationships. He is a trained professional counsellor (Level 6 NZIPC) and one of New Zealand’s top relationship bloggers and coaches. The Relationship Guy Blog has been awarded: Top-15 Relationship Blogs 2019 by BuscarPareja.Es, Top-50 Relationship Blogs 2020 by OurDatingJourney.com, and Top-100 Dating Blogs 2018 by Worldsbest100.com. He’s been happily married for nearly fifteen years and is a dad of two. He also holds Bachelor and Master degrees in the field of Theology and is currently completing a graduate diploma in Psychology at Massey University.

Here’s what more people are saying about me

nicolette mg.


Gideon guided me through a very unsettled time of my life and inspired me to make positive changes. I highly recommend Gideon!

vince d.

Commercial Realtor

Bottom line, Gideon gets to core issues swiftly and with absolute honesty, the same honesty, along with life changing strategies leverages one forward to the next challenge and beyond. I would recommend Gideon to anyone who truly wants to make a positive change in their business world or personal life.

angela p.


Gideon genuinely wants to see you achieve. He’s seriously inspirational and understands the importance of work life balance. Gideon gives good  business or practical advice and is always available to help.

How working with a coach can help you as well

We know that some studies have found that of the people who get coaching:

  • 67.6% higher level of self-awareness
  • 62.4% smarter goal-setting
  • 60.5% more balanced life
  • 57.1% lower stress levels
  • 52.9% self-discovery
  • 52.4% more self-confidence
  • 43.3% improvement in quality of life
  • 39.5% enhanced communication skills
  • 33.3% better family relationships
  • 31.9% increased energy
  • 31.9% more fun
  • 25.7% stopped a bad habit
  • and more...

And when people get quality MARRIAGE COACHING specifically …

  • Couples align and improve (and save) their relationships.
  • Children live with happier parents, which impacts their entire lives.
  • Whole families discover a way to get along in peace, enabling each member to be stronger and more successful than ever.
  • And individuals get to free themselves from negative relationship histories – and finally be the kind of spouse, partner and parent they always wanted to be.

These are all excellent reasons to consider working with a coach as soon as you can!

But as with everything, we are quick to believe that these type of results do not apply to us. That those people are someone "more special" than us. And if you think that right now, then please hear me - it's all in your mind! It's a normal reaction, but it's not based in reality.

Every single person I have worked with in the past who went on to make huge changes in their lives, are everyday people like you and me. But in the end it simply comes down to a decision to invest in yourself for the betterment of yourself and your loved-ones. 

And when you make that choice, you will finally...

  • Let NOTHING stop you from accomplishing your relationship or life goals
  • PURSUE the passion you’ve been longing for in your life
  • Overcome ALL the negative myths and beliefs that have held you back
  • FINALLY learn to work through challenges together with your partner (with a coach to support you)
  • Learn what YOU want from your relationship or life
  • STOP putting things off and REKINDLE your passion today

Isn’t it time to embrace the love and life you deserve?

To have the exciting life and relationship you know you deserve?

The choice is yours.

Simply choose the best coaching plan that suits you (below) and let's get started now!

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bundle 3 sessions

NZd 300

  • 3 x one-on-one online sessions
  • Book Online At Times That Suits You
  • Online Zoom Calls For Convenience
  • free additional downloadable resources
  • Book From Anywhere In The World

Secure Payment.



100% Full Refund Guarantee*

I'm not in the business of over-promising and under-delivering. If at anytime after our first session you feel you have not gotten any value from our session or the resources I've given you access to, you can ask for a full refund, NO QUESTIONS ASKED, and we will end our coaching partnership. But you still get to keep the online course(s) or any digital resources I've given you. Sounds fair?

*Bundle Option only