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Be Wise When Getting Married

By Gideon, 20 Sep 2021

It is simpler to plan a wedding than to find the right person to marry.

It is far easier to get married than to stay married unless you chose the right person.

Focusing on the right thing and putting all your energy into it from the start, can make all the difference over time.

Conversely, putting all your eggs in the wrong basket is unwise, like planning the perfect wedding with the wrong person.

Or pouring all your focus and energy into marrying someone but leaving your marriage to take care of itself is.

The point is this, be wise when getting married, and in life in general, for time will tell.

The more important point is, you don’t make up for an unwise action with more foolish actions hoping it’ll all work out in the end.

Wisdom leads to life the same way folly leads to death.

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