by Gideon

July 16, 2016

If you can learn how to change your mood quickly and effectively, you have a skill that will serve every part of your life.  Many people, if not most, allow their emotions to control their lives rather than them controlling their emotions.

The secret of success is learning how to use pain and pleasure instead of having pain and pleasure use you. If you do that, you’re in control of your life. If you don’t, life controls you. – Tony Robbins

We learn from experts, like Tony Robbins, that our ability to master our emotions and moods is the key to mastering our life. How we feel most of the time determine what we do all of the time which in turn creates the results we get in life.

How to change your mood is a powerful skill we all need to master to take our lives to a whole new level or into a new season.  In this post I share with you 4 simple strategies that can help you change your mood.  They are so simple anyone can do them, but only those who actually do, will reap the rewards.


Here is a summary of the 4 strategies for how to change your mood quickly and effectively:

  1. Change your focus
  2. Change the meaning you give things/events
  3. Improve your movement
  4. Look after your connections

This video is a follow-up of my last talk on How to Get Unstuck in Your Life which you can watch here.

Listen, I don’t know you and what you’re going through right at this moment.  What I do know is this — how you feel most of the time will impact your whole life all of the time.

Unless you can learn how to change your mood, create empowering emotional states, and tap into them at will — your life will always feel stuck.

The good news is, changing your mood isn’t rocket science.  As a society we’ve just become so used to being numb and self-medicating whenever we feel raw emotion, that we’re kinda freaked out when we do feel something real.

How to change your mood doesn’t mean you go from feeling something to feeling nothing.  What it does mean though, is going from a hung-over like state to waking up and taking charge of your life.

Some people have experienced a massive amount of pain in their lives, there is no denying that.  Yet, it is in pain that the greatest strength and gifts are born.  It says in the ancient Scriptures that gold is refined in fire. The same goes for us.  Strength, commitment, discipline, tenacity, courage, faith are all refined in struggle .. sometimes even pain.

The question is, what do we do with our pain (and pleasures).  The key to success (whatever that means for you) comes down to your ability to use all of your emotions to serve life instead of them using you.

How to change your mood isn’t just a silly idea that you can or should use every now and again.  Learning how to change your mood means controlling your raw emotions (which really are energy in motion) to sculpt a life you desire and crave.

I really hope that you got something from this today.  As always, flick me a mail as I love reading them.

Also make sure to leave your comments and questions below and I will do my best to respond personally.

Until we speak again, as I always say,

Live strong, stay healthy, and make a difference for someone today.

See ya!

Gideon H.

About the author 


Gideon is the Owner of The Relationship Guy, a top-100 marriage advice blog that helps married couples create happier relationships. He is a trained professional counsellor (DipProfCouns., DipMSHT.), has been happily married for over fifteen years and is a dad of two.​ He also holds Bachelor and Master degrees in the field of Theology and is currently studying Psychology at Massey University (New Zealand).

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